Life After Brain Injury Photography Exhibition

Life After Brain Injury Photography Exhibition

Amy has a personal interest in street and social documentary photography, influenced by her clinical experience. She enjoys travel, simultaneously capturing and learning about people and cultures. Capturing and communicating individual stories is at the heart of her work.

On the 13th and 14th October 2017 Amy will be exhibiting her work at a Photography Exhibition at the Mushroom Works in Newcastle Upon Tyne. All proceeds will be donated to Headway, the brain injury association. A national charity that works with individuals to provide support following a brain injury.

Following a traumatic brain injury there is inevitably a loss, possibly of cognitive, physical and/or emotional functioning. The process of adjustment to that loss is an individual journey. This exhibition shares the stories of five individuals with brain injuries and allows us to explore the impact of this on their lives.

All prints will be available for sale on the evening along with Christmas Cards designed by the individuals featured in the Exhibition. All proceeds and donations will directly be donated to Headway.

For further coverage of the Exhibition on Headway's Website please click on the link below. 




Cambodia in Transition: Trauma, Health and Religion Photography Exhibition -

Stockton Arts Centre, The ARC - 5 March 2020 - 24 April 2020

In November 2018 Amy visited the government run Battambang Referral Hospital in Cambodia. Here, she worked with Transform Healthcare Cambodia (THC). THC are a small charity based in the North East of England where clinical volunteers provide sustainable training, education and support to their Khmer colleagues to develop clinical practice.

The genocides of the 1970s under Pol Pot's regime meant that this country lost an entire generation of healthcare professionals and has been left with the fallout that ripples through the country's people, their infrastructure, financial and political status.

Amy is working with THC to deliver an exhibition of the images collected from her time at Battambang Referral Hospital in hope of raising awareness of the ongoing challenges that this country, its healthcare system and its people now face. Amy will be offering psychoanalytic thought alongside the images. They hope to exhibit the work in three locations across London, the North East and the North West starting with Stockton, the birth place of the charity.