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Clinical Psychology - Professional Sport

Amy has experience herself in the high performance sports world and has over ten years experience working with professional sportspeople with mental health difficulties and with those that are struggling to adjust to injury or retirement.

It is not only the demands of professional sport that make the sportsperson vulnerable to poor mental health, addiction and adjustment difficulties, Amy also believes that it is the personality structure of the athlete that increases vulnerability. This formed the basis for her first book Skewed to the Right; Sport, Mental Health and Vulnerability. 

Amy is trained in a variety of theoretical models and treatment approaches. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Systemic/Family Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy formed part of her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  Since completing her doctorate, Amy has achieved further qualifications in Neuropsychology and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. This blend of training means that Amy has established a sport specific approach that works in an integrative way to support professional sportspeople with their wellbeing.

Amy has an established and trusted referral network of sports doctors, coaches, managers and clubs in England and Overseas. She has worked with football management to advise on culture and wellbeing of team environments and is used to liaising with medical teams within club environments. Many professional sportspeople also self-refer.


Amy is well versed in the demands of professional sport and is collaborative in her working methods and approach to ensure that treatment is accessible to the athlete despite ongoing occupational demands. She is happy to work both in person or virtually as required to ensure consistency and reliability across treatment. 

Historical and ongoing referrals include but are not limited to:

  • Durham Cricket Club (DCC)

  • England Cricket Board (ECB)

  • King Power Racing

  • Leicester City Football Club (LCFC)

  • Middlesbrough Football Club (MFC)

  • World's Strongest Man (WSM)

If you are interested in contacting Amy about a referral for a professional sportsperson please complete the contact me section below.


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