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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a type of long term one to one therapy that draws on the theory of psychoanalysis. It aims to increase one’s understanding of their internal world and those conflicts and difficulties that may have been pushed out of one’s conscious awareness into their unconscious. Often people find themselves in repeated patterns of behaviour that they may now find to be restrictive to their life or unhelpful in some way. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy can explore this. By the very nature of the work, one’s historical experiences and developmental trajectory is explored.

The British Psychoanalytic Council have a very helpful page that explains in more detail what Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is if you are interested.


This can be found at:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy may be used to work with individuals with long standing mental health, personality, physical or relationship difficulties.

Each session is fifty minutes and Amy is able to work with you at a frequency of once or twice weekly depending upon your needs and where you are in your treatment process. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is often found to be very helpful for individuals that may have engaged with alternative ways of working in the past, such as with CBT, that may now have limited impact with repeated unhelpful patterns of behaviour returning.

If you are interested in contacting Amy about a referral for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy please complete the contact me section below.


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